We are pleased to provide you with the CT Automatics Parts Catalog and hope you will find it to be a valuable resource for your business. As we strive to be a leader in the door parts industry, we believe this to be the most comprehensive, functional catalog available.we provide excellent door parts and services that are Available, Reliable and Economical, and with this catalog, we intend to reinforce our commitment to that focus. We feel strongly that these three words are the foundation of business in today’s intensely competitive environment. For you to be successful in your business, we must strive daily to provide you products and services that exceed expectations with every order.




  • To underscore our confidence in our products, we are changing our warranty period to be one year from date of purchase for every item we sell. We intend to maintain the highest degree of quality to assure your total satisfaction.




  • We would love to have you come visit our facility and meet the people that stand behind the products. Once you have the opportunity to see our operation, observe our processes and experience our hospitality, we are confi dent you will be convinced that Door Controls is truly a leader in the industry.

    We genuinely appreciate your business and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the future. With this catalog, we renew our commitment to providing readily available, highest quality products at an economical price.